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Avoiding Moving Mistakes

A few years ago, I dealt with the biggest moving disaster. I didn't pack very carefully, and several of my possessions were damaged during the cross-country journey. When my employer asked me to move across the country again, I knew I had to do things a little more carefully the next time around. I hired a professional moving team to help me out, and they started working right away to cushion all of my things. This blog is all about the benefits of hiring a professional team of moving experts, so that you don't have to deal with damaged goods.



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Moving Madness? 3 Packing Hacks For Your Kitchen

From cleaning and organizing and finding a new residence to the numerous expenses associated with moving, it is easy to see the overwhelming nature of relocating. Not only will you need to find boxes and protective paper and wrap, but you will also need to strategically place your items to avoid damage. If you are part of the 12 percent of Americans who will move this year, consider taking precautions when packing up your kitchen. Using these packing hacks, you can pack and store your kitchen belongings, ensuring a successful move.


Most people have accumulated a large supply of glasses and mugs. Since you may not want to move with mismatched glassware and cups, consider cleaning out your supply before you start packing. Donate all glasses, coffee mugs, and other cups that you do not want to bring to your new home.

Once you are organized, you can begin packing your drinkware. Visit local grocery stores and ask if they have any wine boxes. These boxes are constructed out of thicker, more durable cardboard, so they are great options for packing your own drinkware.

Place your glasses and cups in the divided compartments of the wine boxes. For added protection, consider sliding socks over your fragile glasses before placing them in the divided compartments.


Dinner dishes, salad and dessert plates, various bowls, and platters will also need to be packed in a safe, secure manner to prevent damage while moving. Here are a few packing tips to ensure your dishware is moved safely:

  • Buy Boxes – Whether you are packing formal china or casual dinner plates, your dishware was most likely a large investment. Protect your investment when moving by purchasing specialty dish boxes. These specialty boxes are constructed out of a thicker, sturdier cardboard, which absorbs shock when moving.
  • Protect with Paper – While surprising to hear, investing in a few packages of foam paper plates can protect your fragile dishware. When packing, place a foam plate in between each of your dishes and platters for extra protection. Paper foam plates are inexpensive options for added protection.


A kitchen will not be complete without your cookware, so make sure your pots, pans, and lids are packed together to prevent lost items.

Stack pots inside one another, placing newspaper or bubble wrap between each item. Pack larger pots and pans at the bottom of your box, adding smaller sets in a nesting manner. Connect lids to their coordinating pot or pan using cable or trash ties.

Packing up your kitchen may seem overwhelming, but you can reduce the stress with a bit of effort. Using these packing hacks, you can move most of your kitchen to your new home without damage, stress, or loss.

For more help, contact professional movers in your area.